EPDM Multipurpose Hose for Industrial, Agricultural & Commercial Use – M003101B-062 (0.62 in. ID, 300 psi, -40°F to 210°F)

EPDM Multipurpose Hose for Industrial, Agricultural & Commercial Use – M003101B-062 (0.62 in. ID, 300 psi, -40°F to 210°F)

This economy multipurpose hose designed for use in industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications for the transfer of air, water, and light chemicals. The durable EPDM tube and cover stand up to a high range of temperature changes and remains extremely flexible.

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Black EPDM




-40°F to 210°F

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Step right up and discover the M003101B-062, the ultimate heavy-duty, multi-purpose hose that provides solutions for all your industrial applications. This reliable, versatile, and economical hose is the perfect tool for transferring air, water, and light chemicals with ease. With the durable EPDM tube and cover, this hose can withstand a high range of temperatures and harsh conditions, making it an excellent choice for industrial, agricultural, and commercial needs.

If you’re looking for a flexible and robust solution for your day-to-day demands, the M003101B-062 is the perfect fit. It is ideal for use in agriculture, greenhouses, and irrigation systems, but also excels in construction, automotive, and light-duty industrial applications. Its sleek exterior design and easy-to-install features make this black EPDM tube hose an excellent addition to your toolkit.

The reinforced textile layer of the M003101B-062 ensures long-lasting durability, and it can withstand temperatures ranging from ‘-40°F to 210°F without failure. Moreover, with a diameter of 0.62 inches and 0.98 inches of outside diameter, this hose is the perfect size for various industrial applications.

It doesn’t just look great; the M003101B-062 also performs exceptionally well, with a maximum pressure of 300 PSI and a burst ratio of 04:01:00. At only 0.29 lbs/ft, it is lightweight and easy to transport to and from job sites for your convenience.

Choose the M003101B-062 for your industrial needs and take your performance to the next level. This multi-purpose hose is an unbeatable option for transferring air, water, and light chemicals in various settings. You can rely on it to perform flawlessly for years to come. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best!

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