Heavy Duty Wire Reinforced Hose for Refineries & Chemical Plants – EPDM, 450°F, Resists Tube Popcorning – SKU

Heavy Duty Wire Reinforced Hose for Refineries & Chemical Plants – EPDM, 450°F, Resists Tube Popcorning – SKU

This heavy duty wire reinforced hose is designed for use in refineries and chemical plants for steam service. The EPDM compound is designed for continual service at 450°F. Drain water from hoses after steam service. Specialized EPDM to resist tube popcorning.

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Black EPDM




-40°F to 400°F

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Looking for a heavy-duty solution that can withstand the harsh conditions in refineries and chemical plants? Look no further than the 7001102-075 heavy duty wire reinforced hose. Built to handle steam service applications, this industrial-grade hose will stand up to the toughest environments with ease.

The black EPDM tube is extremely durable and specially designed to resist tube popcorning, ensuring a longer service life and fewer chances of failure. This steam and hydrocarbon drain hose is also reinforced with a wire braid, which provides added durability and protection against abrasions and other types of damage, ensuring that it’s built to last.

With a temperature range that can handle continuous service at up to 450°F and with a range from -40°F to 400°F, this hose is able to handle a wide variety of applications. It’s suitable for use in different environments and has a burst ratio of 10:01:00, making it a reliable and safe solution that entrepreneurs can rely on.

On top of all this, the 7001102-075 is easy to install and maneuver, thanks to its incredibly flexible design that has a bend radius of just 9 inches. This industrial-grade hose has been built with you in mind, making even the most challenging jobs easier to tackle.

Whether you’re in refineries, chemical plants and other industrial settings, you can trust that the 7001102-075 is the perfect solution, capable of handling high-temperature steam and chemical drain applications with ease. Buy with confidence, knowing you’re investing in a hose that is truly built to last, even under the most challenging circumstances imaginable.

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