2001-0600-0240-BR-CXE Heavy-Duty Petroleum Suction and Discharge Hose for Oil Transfer – 6 in. ID x 6.75 in. OD, 250 PSI

2001-0600-0240-BR-CXE Heavy-Duty Petroleum Suction and Discharge Hose for Oil Transfer – 6 in. ID x 6.75 in. OD, 250 PSI

This heavy-duty petroleum suction and discharge hose is designed for use with oils, petroleum based products, and refined fuels. For use in offshore oil transfer, tank truck, oilfield transfer and oil pumping applications with aromatic content up to 50%.

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-22°F to 180°F

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We’re thrilled to present the heavy-duty petroleum suction and discharge hose for your essential pumping and transferring needs – the 2001-0600-0240-BR-CXE. This hose has been expertly designed to cater to a variety of petroleum-based applications, including oil transfers, oilfield transfer, and tank truck operations handling refined fuels. Its rugged construction and durability make it an ideal choice for offshore oil transfer.

Crafted from premium-grade materials, this hose comes equipped with a nitrile tube that provides excellent resistance to oil and other petroleum-based products, making it a reliable choice for demanding applications. The textile reinforcement further adds to the strength and durability of the hose, ensuring a long-lasting lifespan. The steel helix present in the hose also allows it to maintain its shape and durability, even in the most arduous conditions.

One of its standout features is its capacity to handle a broad temperature range, making it apt for use in a variety of environments. Its temperature range of -22°F to 180°F, coupled with its impressive pressure rating of 250 psi, proves this hose’s reliability in even the most demanding scenarios. With a safety factor of 04:01:00, this heavy-duty hose has been tested for its safety and can withstand even the most demanding conditions.

Regardless of whether you’re transferring crude oil from offshore platforms or need to pump gasoline from a storage tank, the 2001-0600-0240-BR-CXE heavy-duty hose has got you covered. This petroleum transfer hose offers top-notch performance, reliability, and durability in one, making it an ideal choice for your essential needs. Don’t hesitate to place your order today and experience the seamless transfer of petroleum-based products with this 2001-0600-0240-BR-CXE hose.

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